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My favorite quote: cleaning the house while children are around is like shoveling during a snowstorm! SO true! Really how important is having a clean house? And how much time are you going to waste thinking you can keep up?

I used to think I could do it all.  I even put together a cleaning schedule. Tuesday was bathroom day, Wednesday was mopping floors day. BUT, Tuesday quickly turned into clean up after my sick son and Wednesday got spent cleaning chocolate milk that spilled into every crevice of my car.  Let’s be realistic having a clean house just isn’t in the cards when you have young kids.

As much as you plan, prepare, and keep things punctual the day never goes as planned. Floors stay dirty, high chairs stay sticky, cars stay trashed. You have to move heaven and earth to find time to deep clean.  And when you do…you discover that your loving husband reheated spaghetti in the microwave for 4 minutes uncovered.  Guess who gets to clean that up?! So this week treat yourself to a guilt free dirty house and if the budget allows for God sakes higher a cleaning service.

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