One of the best traditions I ever started with my family was choosing a puzzle to do over the long Christmas break. Every year we set up a puzzle in our favorite part of the house and slowly begin piecing it together.

There is something about “escaping” the normal to do’s and mindlessly searching through an array of colors and patterns to find that one special piece.

What I love best is that this little table of unorganized chaos begins to turn into something much more than a picture. It’s a place where we can gather to talk about our days and engage in quiet peaceful conversation, and with two active (almost teenage) boys this is something you can’t put a price on.

This is definitely a must add to your long list of family traditions!


And when you’re first starting out stick to the 500 piece puzzles! Your family will thank you!

Favorite holiday puzzles:

White Mountain Jigsaw Puzzles are the BEST! You can shop by pieces, remember start small.

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