As moms we struggle with overcommitting ourselves.  We don’t want to miss out or disappoint people. As much as we try to keep life balanced we worry what others will think about the decision we made.
It’s enough to drive us crazy.
We don’t want to let others down. We try to do it all but the demands can be endless. We look at other moms and wonder how they can do it all.
But what is all?
Does doing it all mean doing it half-assed?
Does doing it all mean you’re not fully there for your family?
Does doing it all mean you are spread so thin you’re tired and worn out?
Usually YES! It means all of these things. The worst of it – your patience level is most likely depleted. We don’t want to live like that!
Sometimes we need to re-evaluate. Give ourselves a little room to breath.  A little space to recharge and ask ourselves is this right for me?
As you go through your week think about all the things you are asked to do.
Write it down, make a list AND be sure to say NO to a few of those things.
Because your NO could lead to an even bigger YES and open a door you have not yet gone through.
*photo taken while recharging at Jacuzzi Family Vineyard in Sonoma 🙂

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