A Good Read

IMG_3965Books we love.

Be the captain of your ship. Sounds ridiculous, but it seriously can be done.  This books tells you how to do it. Simple, easy read!

This book saved me when my kids were little.  Seriously, saved me.  A must for every new mom.  Super easy to read and quick references for a sleep deprived mom.
Bringing the basics back to raising boys. Get them outside, let them romp and play!
They know what they are doing over there. Fun read and you learn about how different our cultures are.
Nothing more needs to be said.  You just gotta babyproof everything.

This is a must read for new moms.  It worked for my kids.  Never hurts to try new things.

Do your kids have allergies and asthma?  Check out this book on the possible link between what we eat and how it relates to the allergy epidemic.

Just eat real food.  This book was a life changer for this MOS.  I didn’t want to buy “unknown” food.  I like knowing where my food comes from.  A great book if you are looking for a life change.
  1. a bad-tempered or surly person.
    A man called Ove. Not the man next door, or is he? He’s a curmudgeon with the heart of a loyal dog. You can’t help but love him and his cranky ways. I think we all have a bit of Ove in each of us (maybe I have more in me than I care to admit). Genuine emotions throughout the whole book. Sometimes you have to resort to the fact that your life is not your own. What you think should happen isn’t always in your control. A charming book that takes you into the life of a man who finds love, selflessness, and a family.
We are all amazing moms. We can pretty much do
anything but we can’t teach them
EVERYTHING there is to know.
So when questions arise like
how to make a trip wire or
how to decipher morse code.
Grab this gem of a book.
Even my husband learned a thing…or twelve!

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