IMG_E2395.JPGNAME OF THE BOOK: The Ambrose Deception by Emily Ecton


THIS BOOK WAS ABOUT: Three very different kids that have to compete against each other and solve various clues that take them all over they city of Chicago. The prize is a $10,000 scholarship or so they think. Melissa, Wilf, and Brondi, are not who you would expect to be competing in this contest. At first they work separately but soon realize that things might not be as they seem and they start to uncover a mystery.

I LOVED: How the book had so many twists and turns. Everything would be going good but then there would be a giant twist that changed everything. I also loved how the clues brought you to different places in Chicago.

READING THIS BOOK MADE ME WONDER: What if I competed in a scholarship contest like this!?!  Who would I choose to help me solve the clues?

OVERALL THIS BOOK WAS: This book was fantastic and perfect for middle school kids.


This book report was written by a very sweet eleven year old  boy 🙂

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