_EPD2382As the school year quickly comes to an end and summer sneaks in don’t forget that just down the road we have our own little corner of fun.  

A place where kids can putt, endless mulligans can be called and friends of all ages can join in the fun.

Our very own Glen Ellyn Mini Golf Course!  Holes and Knolls is located within MaryKnoll Park and with 36 holes plus a full concession stand it is THE perfect outing.

The miniature greens, the crazy obstacles, and the fact that no skills are needed make it a win, win for everyone.   

With clubs in hand and brightly colored golf balls chosen these kids were ready to hit the course. 

My favorite thing about this activity is age doesn’t matter. 


Everyone loved the course. The obstacles were challenging. There were strategic putts and the numerous water hazards tested their skills. 

It’s hard to find something for everyone. But this outing proved to be a perfect fit for the entire crew.  The kids were patient, there was plenty of cheering, and no one called FORE!
It truly was a day of all fun and games.

Ready for a mini golfing adventure of your own. Click the link to find out more!

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