Glen Ellyn Moms Village 2020 is going to be filled with more connections, information, and interaction.  Our motto is to Create, Inspire, Share and Laugh.  Alicia and I plan to focus on these four elements as we create our content for you.  When Alicia Donovan started, GEMV, she simply started with sharing information on Facebook that she thought other Moms would want to know.  It soon grew into a blog, which allowed her to share even more content.  This year, we are going back to our roots and putting our focus on our blog.  We hope by doing this we are creating more value for our readers.  So welcome to our first blog post of the year.


For new followers, we would like to do a quick introduction.  Alicia Donovan started Glen Ellyn Moms Village five years ago when she moved to town and realized that having a place to exchange information was something that would benefit not only her but all of the moms in town.  I, Patty Cavanagh, joined Alicia in January of 2019.  I have loved working with Alicia and getting to meet so many moms and local business owners.


As Moms, we create the world that our kids grow up in.  We set the tone for our families. And our goal at Glen Ellyn Moms Village is to help by providing content showcasing local events, businesses, services, and information that will help you be in the know and help you thrive.    Here are some events that I would like to share:

1.West Fest: The Glenbard West Boosters Fundraiser on February 15th.  All welcome, whether you have a high schooler or not, this is a community event that raises money to enhance all academic, athletic and all extracurricular organizations for the students of Glenbard West.


2. Glen Ellyn Moms Village MasterMoms Talk Series featuring Rita Hyland: Moms Reset on Wednesday, February 19th at the Lake Ellyn Boat House.  Sign up through the Glen Ellyn Park District.



3. SPM Ministries Women’s Retreat: Soulutions! Based on four life rhythms (rest, restore, connect, and create), you’ll leave equipped with easy-to-implement ideas for bringing the sacred of Sundays into your everyday life.  Sign up at


All three of these events that I am recommending, have touched me personally.  Here is a little bit more of why these are three events that I think you should know about this month.

West Fest: I am on the Glenbard West Boosters Committee and see first hand how the money raised helps the organizations of GBW thrive.  These organizations help kids connect face to face. And these organizations create a space for all students.   And as a mother of teens, I know this is more important than ever.  Plus, it is a very fun community event with live music and great food.

Alicia and I are very proud of our 2020 Kickoff MasterMoms Talk Series featuring Rita Hyland.  If you have ever felt stuck, lost, overwhelmed as a Mom, no matter what stage you are in, this is for you.  She will offer tools that can impact your mindset and choices.  Let’s make 2020 the best year for ourselves which in turn helps us create the best world for our families.

And last but not least, I highly recommend SPM Ministries Women’s Retreat: Soulutions!  Wendie Connors and her ministry team ( Fun Tidbit: GEMV Founder, Alicia is also on this ministry team) have put together an amazing day of learning, gathering, and FUN!  If you haven’t been to anything with Wendie Connors yet, you will love the energy.  If your soul needs a pick me up, this is definitely for you.

And make sure you are signed up to receive our Glen Ellyn Moms Village Monthly Newsletter, which this month has some amazing Create, Inspire, Share and Laugh personal recommendations from Alicia Donovan. Believe me, you do not want to miss it.


Patty Cavanagh

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