What’s your number? That’s what we wanted to find out. When we heard that Wendie Connors, Founder of SPM Ministries, could teach us more about our own number in her Introduction on the Enneagram talk, we knew we needed to have her join our MasterMoms community of speakers. We were thrilled when she agreed to be our November presenter.

Here is Wendie’s descriptions of her talk: Our purpose and reason for being in life matters to all of us. The first step of uncovering your unique life path is knowing yourself well! Easier said than done, right?! Here is one tool that can help: The Enneagram! Curious to find out more and explore what all the buzz is about? Grab some girlfriends and join Wendie Connors of SPM Ministries for a fun and intriguing look into the Enneagram and learn a little bit about yourself and who you have been created to be in the process!

Awesome isn’t it!?! We couldn’t wait to learn more. She had everyone take a free online assessment that would identify our individual type which is important because there are nine different ones.

Learning about all 9 Types gives you a better understanding of others’ personalities. It also describes why we behave, think, and feel in particular ways based upon our core fears and desires. It’s an incredible tool that helps guides you through self-discovery.

We started with the basics. Wendie shared with us how the Enneagram works and how we can use it in our everyday lives. She talked about our stress and security numbers.

Wendie, took us on a “tour” of each number. It was fascinating! We (Alicia & Patty) learned that we are both Type 2’s: The Supportive Advisor! We have some highlights on our Instagram page under MasterMoms. Be sure to check those out!

Wendie also talked about her new Breathe Boxes for Christmas! She’s bringing peace, positivity, and purpose to the holidays. Each box is beautifully wrapped and ready for you to give as a gift or keep for yourself 🙂

Aren’t these beautiful!!

What was so exciting were our giveaways! Two beautiful Breathe Boxes were gifted to our lovely participants, Lisa Mojica & Colleen Notter. Thanks to Lukins Home Network and Wendie Connors.

We also had a special guest attend our Zoom…Amanda Horan owner of Line + Cleat joined our call. She gave away a Holiday Plaid Wine tote to our lucky winner, Sandy Plahetka.

This Holiday Plaid is so adorable! We had to get a couple more wine totes and a cutting board for ourselves!!

We thoroughly enjoyed having Wendie as our MasterMom speaker for November! We closed out this season with thoughtful and inspiring information. Plus, lots of laughs along the way!

Wendie has an extensive list of resources. From books, websites, and podcasts she is your go-to for all things Enneagram! For more information about Wendie Connors, SPM Ministries, and her Holiday 2020 Breathe Boxes, please visit her website at www.spmministries.com !

A huge thanks to the Glen Ellyn Park District and Lukins Home Network for their continued support of our MasterMoms Talk Series.

We hope you are inspired, sharing, laughing, and connecting this holiday season!

XO, Alicia & Patty

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