Getaway to Traverse City

Picture this. Sandy beaches, crystal clear water, kids running up and down the sand dunes. Swimming, hiking, great restaurants, plenty of shopping, and at the end of the day you’re relaxing by the lake sipping a cocktail. Sounds like the perfect destination for a family getaway. We thought so!

The car was packed and we were ready to trek up to Traverse City. The drive was about 5 1/2 hours from Glen Ellyn but well worth it.  I suggest visiting during the week because the weekends tend to harbor more tourists.
We stayed at the Bayshore Resort. It was a bit of a walk to get to the heart of downtown. The hotel was a little dated but VERY clean and the staff was incredibly friendly. Just a typical up north hotel, nothing fancy, but right on the water with their own swimming beach.  If you go early June the kids will welcome the heated pool. When booking your reservation make sure to get a bayside room so you can take in the lake view.

The downtown is full of boutiques, antiques, and art galleries.  You will definitely want to

spend the day shopping. My kids loved the amazing (not so little) Horizon Books.

If you have an train enthusiast in the house you will want to stop by Trains and Things Hobby. Of course every great town has a quaint little toy store and the one is Traverse City is called Toy Harbor.

And the food!  There are so many great places to eat.  We didn’t get a chance to enjoy all of the top notch restaurants with the kids in tow. Instead we ate fabulous pizza at Paesano’s and had great burgers at Bubba’s. Our favorite was the local, all natural, organic ice cream at Milk and Honey.

We will for sure go back and do a culinary tasting tour 🙂  As far as getting around there is plenty of public parking. You are better off finding a lot and parking rather than driving around hoping to score a meter.

As much as we loved spending time downtown our highlight was driving to Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. AMAZING!!  On the way up we ate at Horizons and Sunsets in Empire. It’s like eating at a hole in the wall gas station (minus the gas) but the Mahi Mahi Tacos were the best, plus our family loves a good dive restaurant.

Our first adventure was the Dune Climb. Lucky for us the weather was perfect. When planning your getaway take that into account because the sand can be hot on little feet!

We hiked the trails and walked the beach. We lingered by the water and soaked up the views.

Next on the list was Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. The overlook to Lake Michigan is spectacular.  I thought to myself are we still in Michigan?  The water was so blue and crystal clear. It looked like the Caribbean (I started pining for a pina colada).

There is so much to see and do!! Our trip was short and we wished we had a couple more days to visit the light houses and do a bit more exploring. We will for sure go back because it really is a place for all ages and a great family destination.To find out more about Traverse City please check out https://www.traversecity.com

4th of July in a Small Town

It was a star-spangled celebration in Glen Ellyn. This is one of the many reasons we love our charming village. Red, white, and blue covering the town in true American style.

A village favorite is the Glen Ellyn Parade!
A full photo album can be found on the Glen Ellyn Moms Village Facebook page
Everyone was out in the early hours claiming their spots to ensure a perfect view!

The The New Philharmonic Orchestra was amazing!

Everyone patiently waited for the fireworks to start!!


Thanks Glen Ellyn for making it so easy to create lifelong family memories!!

Doing it All

As moms we struggle with overcommitting ourselves.  We don’t want to miss out or disappoint people. As much as we try to keep life balanced we worry what others will think about the decision we made.
It’s enough to drive us crazy.
We don’t want to let others down. We try to do it all but the demands can be endless. We look at other moms and wonder how they can do it all.
But what is all?
Does doing it all mean doing it half-assed?
Does doing it all mean you’re not fully there for your family?
Does doing it all mean you are spread so thin you’re tired and worn out?
Usually YES! It means all of these things. The worst of it – your patience level is most likely depleted. We don’t want to live like that!
Sometimes we need to re-evaluate. Give ourselves a little room to breath.  A little space to recharge and ask ourselves is this right for me?
As you go through your week think about all the things you are asked to do.
Write it down, make a list AND be sure to say NO to a few of those things.
Because your NO could lead to an even bigger YES and open a door you have not yet gone through.
*photo taken while recharging at Jacuzzi Family Vineyard in Sonoma 🙂

Day of Rest

You hear it all the time. Sunday is a day of rest. We should intentionally put our work aside and remind ourselves that this day was made for us to take a much needed break from the chaotic lives we lead. But as moms how do we do that? We still have laundry, meals to cook, battles to break up, spills to clean. It is frustrating to put it aside because all you see is the piling up of more work. In my mind it feels like procrastination not relaxation. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today. Well, what I am realizing is the more I let my anxious-clean-up-the-mess personality step aside the more I find myself enjoying this day of rest. I don’t think we will ever find a perfect balance but if you can clear your mind and schedule to be present with the ones you love who can argue with that!

This Home.

In this house we are real.  We make mistakes and messes. We say I’m sorry. We give second chances. We give hugs. We are patient. We Love.
You see these words posted all over Pinterest, on wooden signs, free printables, they are everywhere.  It’s a bit cliche but each word represents what I want our house to be.  That’s what we are all about.  Always trying to keep it real. The only words missing are calm and storm.  Which is why I took this photo. Only a few short minutes later when my boys walked through the door did it all change. Mistakes, messes, backpacks, legos, empty glasses, crumbs, papers, pen marks, and slime took over.
Yes, in this house we are real and we love everything about it especially the very brief moments of calm before the storm.

Re:new is more than just a cute shop!

Walk down the streets of Glen Ellyn and you will find a shop that is more than the beautifully handmade bags and clutches that are displayed.

A shop that is giving back in more ways than one. 

Re:new is more than a business.  It is a way of life for refugee women in Glen Ellyn. 

Women from different backgrounds. Women who have struggled in ways we can’t even image. Women who are determined to make the best of what they have been given. 

When you walk into Re:new it becomes clear that you are stepping into a shop that is filled with hope, inspiration, joy, and most of all faith.

Since their founding in 2009, Re:new has served over 120 refugee women from all over the world.

These are strong women. Like minded women. Women who are blessing our Glen Ellyn community.

They create beautifully crafted products from these fabric filled baskets 

that line the walls.  

 Each product is made onsite in the Studio by these remarkable women.

 Re:new accepts donations and has partnered with local retailers to accept fabric remnants.

 One thing is clear when walking through this space organization is key and there is no lack of creativity.

 Plaids, stripes, and florals become the back drop to this unique shop. 

And with help from volunteers Re:new can focus on what they do best. 

Creating a space for refugee women to thrive.

And when they do. The results are amazing! 

Re:new believes all people are made in the image of God and are therefore valuable and worthy of the highest honor and respect.

They believe in the value of coming alongside those in our community who are in need, regardless of religion, race, or nationality.

They believe that the act of creating things of value is a powerful exercise in restoring hope to broken lives.

They believe that loving and serving one another transforms lives.

They believe that we are stronger when we are joined together in our common humanity.

It has been an honor to partner with Re:new and learn about their exciting campaign with  

100 Extraordinary Women.  

to learn more! 


MONDAY – FRIDAY, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

SATURDAY, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


PHONE: 630.547.2176

Store + Studio Location:





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