Holes and Knolls: Mini Golfing

_EPD2382As the school year quickly comes to an end and summer sneaks in don’t forget that just down the road we have our own little corner of fun.  

A place where kids can putt, endless mulligans can be called and friends of all ages can join in the fun.

Our very own Glen Ellyn Mini Golf Course!  Holes and Knolls is located within MaryKnoll Park and with 36 holes plus a full concession stand it is THE perfect outing.

The miniature greens, the crazy obstacles, and the fact that no skills are needed make it a win, win for everyone.   

With clubs in hand and brightly colored golf balls chosen these kids were ready to hit the course. 

My favorite thing about this activity is age doesn’t matter. 


Everyone loved the course. The obstacles were challenging. There were strategic putts and the numerous water hazards tested their skills. 

It’s hard to find something for everyone. But this outing proved to be a perfect fit for the entire crew.  The kids were patient, there was plenty of cheering, and no one called FORE!
It truly was a day of all fun and games.

Ready for a mini golfing adventure of your own. Click the link to find out more!


Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare and the 22 Agencies They Support

Glen Ellyn is a community that focuses on helping others and giving back. There is one organization that stands out above the rest. Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare Society supports many programs throughout Dupage County.

Anima Young Singers of Greater Chicago Anima’s mission is to transform young lives through excellence in music education and choral singing. www.animasingers.org

Bridge Communities transforms lives of homeless families by facilitating the change they need to care for themselves and raise their children. www.bridgecommunities.com

CASA of DuPage County believes that all children have the right to safe, permanent and nurturing homes. The mission of CASA is to recruit, train, and support volunteer citizen advocates to effectively speak in the best interests of abused, neglected, and dependent children in the DuPage County juvenile and family court system. https://dupagecasa.org
Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center (CDPCC) is a non-profit organization that provides affordable, professional pastoral counseling services to the public in an ecumenical setting. www.cdpcc.org

Community Housing Advocacy and Development of DuPage (CHAD) provides and advocates for quality affordable housing for low and moderate income individuals and families. http://www.chadhousing.org

DuPage PADS has provided hope for people who are homeless in DuPage County for 25 years by offering an array of services that build self-sufficiency and helps to stop the cycle of homelessness. https://dupagepads.org

Easter Seals provides outpatient rehabilitation services for children with developmental and physical disabilities. www.easterseals.com

Family Shelter Services provides intervention support to help heal children traumatized by domestic violence. www.familyshelterservice.org

Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center Our mission is to help children from low-income families acquire the necessary skills in academics and social interaction to move successfully through grades K-12 and into adulthood. www.gecrc.com

Glen Ellyn Food Pantry provides a resource for families to obtain fresh and non-perishable food items. www.glenellynfoodpantry.org

Glen Ellyn Park District donates scholarships to offset the cost of summer camp to allow parents who struggle financially with working full-time and providing childcare. www.gepark.org
Glen Ellyn Public Library provides a free service, “Bus to Books” summer enrichment program for ESL and financially disadvantaged children. www.gepl.org

Glen Ellyn Youth and Family Counseling offers affordable, professional counseling services for all residents of Glen Ellyn and for children attending a Glen Ellyn school. www.geyfcs.com
Glenbard West HS English Language Learners Program serves students with over 15 non-English primary languages. Four levels of intensive English are available to students who demonstrate limited or no English skills.
NAMI DuPage provides support, advocacy, and education in order to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental illness and their families. www.namidupage.org

People’s Resource Center Since 1975, People’s Resource Center has been bringing neighbors together to respond to hunger and poverty in DuPage County. http://www.peoplesrc.org

Philip J. Rock Center and School (PRC) serves two distinct functions in providing services to individuals who are deaf-blind. http://www.philiprockcenter.org

Supplies 4 Success serves school age children in the Glen Ellyn area. Over 500 children* are likely to start this school year without basic school supplies and winter outerwear.  https://www.supplies4success.org

The Garden Works Project is a volunteer led organization working to relieve hunger in Chicago’s western suburbs by providing families in need of food assistance with home vegetable gardens and coaching. http://www.gardenworksproject.org

Teen Parent Connection serves the community through education on the realities and responsibilities of teenage pregnancy and through long-term assistance to adolescent parents for the development of self-esteem, parenting skills, and empowerment toward self-sufficiency. https://teenparentconnection.org

Western DuPage Special Recreation Association’s (WSDRA) mission is “the development of individuals through recreation”. www.wdsra.com

World Relief DuPage (WRD) is a refugee resettlement agency that partners with local churches, volunteers, and community groups to provide services, friendship, and support to refugees and immigrants from all over the world. www.worldreliefdupageaurora.org

YWCA’s vision is to eliminate racism and empower women. Its mission is to provide women and girls with the support and tools needed to transform their lives, be confident in their choices, and make valuable contributions to their communities. http://www.ywca.com

We recently interview Val Yaros, the Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare President for Glen Ellyn Living Magazine. The full article can be found at Glen Ellyn Living Magazine.Mar_2019_Glen_Ellyn_Living_p40



Family Entertainment at The MAC


We are excited to partner with McAninch Arts Center at College of DuPage again!
“Me… Jane – The Dreams and Adventure of Young Jane Goodall” is a brand new musical adaptation about the young Dr. Jane Goodall and her very special toy chimpanzee named Jubilee.
This event is perfect for a family night out and with our GEMV special 20% discount, it makes it even more invaluable. 
Use 20PERCENT at check out.
Enjoy and don’t forget to check out their Family Series!

Celebration of Tables

The Glen Ellyn Food Pantry’s 8th Annual Celebration of Tables.

The Glen Ellyn Food Pantry serves about 30,000 people each year, 14,000 of who are children. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Pantry.


Sightings for Summer by Lisa Enoch, Gatherings


A Sustainable Soiree by Jennifer Umlauf & Christy Truitt, Glen Ellyn Environmental Commission


Fresh OJ & Blueberry Pie with Grandma by Susan Woods


Cute as a Ladybug Picnic by Heather Cavada, Doodlebug Cookie Creations


Farm to Table in the ‘Burbs’ by Farrell Turner & Suzanne Kurtz


Bohemian Rhapsody by The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn


Mid-Summer Maine Lobster Bake by Kelley Kalinich


Rhapsody in Blue by Marcel’s Culinary Experience


Art Theory by Anna Semprevivo, Locally Made


Celebrate Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade Style by Diana Laufenberg, Celebrate in Style Events



Art As I Know It by Molly Dunning


Sincerely Elvis by Michel Curth & Shanna Daniels


Hamptons Summer Inspired by Aerin Lauder by Jennifer Murphy


Collected For A Cause by Laura Broman Brown


Nurture Your Family Like A Bountiful Garden                                                                 Kathy Lock & Kris Liskey, Wheaton Garden Club


Party At The Palm by Karoline Andris, Amanda Bollettino, Christine Iaconetti, Jen McNeill & Brittany O’Kray, GENC Social Committee


A Colorful Birthday Party by Melissa Love & Megan Breen


Into The Woods – Inspired by The Game of Wolf by Lauren Barron, Kristin Bernatz & Mary Kaye Lavorato, Gray Matters Game


Everything Is A Buzz about P.E.O. by Sue Clary, Mary Clingman, Karen Michalczyk, Kathryn Porter, Sharon Simms, Jill Stoffels & Julie Story, P.E.O. Chapter HQ


Newcomers Supper Club: Summer Dinner at Lake Ellyn by Diana Laufenberg



All photos taken by Alicia Donovan, Glen Ellyn Moms Village

Featured Image provided by Glen Ellyn Food Pantry


St. Patrick’s Day Jokes

Wishing you Shamrocks and Shenanigans throughout the day.
–How can you spot a jealous shamrock? It will be green with envy!
–What do you call a big Irish spider? Paddy long legs!
–Why do leprechauns prefer dollar bills to coins? Because they’re green!
–Why did the leprechaun turn down a bowl of soup? Because he already had a pot of gold!
–Why did the leprechaun walk out of the house? He wanted to sit on the paddy-o!
–Why do leprechauns hate running? They’d rather jig than jog!
–Why are so many leprechauns florists? They have green thumbs!
–Why do leprechauns recycle? They like to go green!
–What’s a leprechaun’s favorite cereal? Lucky charms!
–What happens if you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover? You get a rash of good luck!
–What do you call a leprechaun who gets sent to jail? A lepre-con!
–How is a good friend like a four-leaf clover? They’re hard to find!
–What kind of bow can’t be tied? A rainbow!
–Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day? Regular rocks are too heavy!
–What’s big and purple and lies next to Ireland? Grape Britain!
–Knock-knock! Who’s there? Warren. Warren who? Warren anything green for St. Patrick’s Day?
May the luck of the Irish be with you!!