Diana Laufenberg of Celebrate in Style is the focus of this week’s feature. Diana Laufenberg was chosen this week for many reasons.  Simply to know Diana is to love Diana.  Glen Ellyn is so very lucky to have her in our community.  Not only is she an amazing business owner, but she is also very involved in our community.  She makes every person she comes in contact with feel special.



Did you know? Diana has teamed up with Jennifer Umlauf of Jennifer Umlauf Landscape Design to do holiday decorating –  They will be doing urns, outdoor and indoor garland, staircases, mantels and bringing the holidays beautifully to life in your home. With the holidays, quickly approaching this is exciting news. If you are just learning about Diana and her business Celebrate in Style, her answer to our question, says it all.  Diana has grown Celebrate in Style to be one of the premier party planning companies in our community.  We asked Diana some quick questions to get to know her a little bit better as a Glen Ellyn Mom.

Why do you love what you do so much?

“My Myers-Briggs type is ESFP  – the hallmark of this personality type is that I enjoy creating events and experiences that other people enjoy.  This is 100% true for me – it gives me great joy to plan out every little detail that when you leave the party it isn’t like any you have been to before – it reflects every aspect of the person who the party is for – their favorite foods and drinks, music, colors, and the feel of the event.”

What is your favorite local restaurant?

I love to go to Two Hound Red for the Brussel Sprouts (try them!!) and love how they have transformed Schmidt Pharmacy – it is so well done.  On Sundays, we are regulars at the Glen Oak Diner after church – one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  Friday nights are always Pizza (from Barone’s ) Movie Nights in our home.



What is your favorite season?

Summer – if I could live in the endless summer sunshine I would.  My first job was a lifeguard and swim instructor at Sunset Pool in High School – chlorine and sunscreen are my signature scent.  I really love being with my family all together and have so much more time for fun adventures in the summer.


What is an app you have been using lately?

I enjoy listening to podcasts – I listen to them daily while running errands.  I also love the Evernote App – it helps keep me organized and it is nice to keep my to-do lists, shopping lists, podcast and book recommendations all together in one place.   I also keep running pages of gift ideas for friends and family – when I hear one of their ideas or see something I can keep track of Christmas or their birthdays.  You can access it on your phone or on-line so I always have it with me.  My all-time favorite though is Pinterest – love to search great decorating or party themes – you can even easily store and organize the ideas in folders – I usually make shared Pinterest boards with my clients and I try to work their ideas into every party plan.



What is your favorite show to binge-watch?

I love watching The Crown on Netflix and cannot wait for the next season to start this December – I am going to have a party on the day it comes out with all my other Crown loving friends.



Thank you, Diana, for all you do.  You are a great resource for all Glen Ellyn Moms. Diana has been a speaker at two of our MasterMoms Talk Series and we have featured her in our April 2019 article in Glen Ellyn Living Magazine.

If you want to connect with Diana Laufenberg of Celebrate in Style or if you are interested in the holiday decorating, please email her at  diana.c.laufenberg@gmail.com


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