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We were thrilled to interview Erin German this month for Glen Ellyn Living Magazine. She is the creative talent behind many of the Glen Ellyn logos and designs you see around town, including our own Glen Ellyn Moms Village logo. She’s a dedicated mom and business owner who is passionate about the art of design.




What ignited the spark in you to start Erin German Design?  

As the birth of my first son was approaching, I knew that I wanted to be a stay- at-home mom, but I loved my graphic design career and knew that I couldn’t function without that creative outlet. So, I decided to start my own business, Erin German Design, at the same time that my son was born in February 2008. They are both approaching 12 years of age!


How did you decide on the location for your business?

I am very lucky to have a career that can easily be done at home. It also provides the flexibility of working around the schedule of my family. I’m a morning person, so I often get up early and knock out a few things before the kids get up. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by 7am! And I get lots of funny responses to my 5am emails.

Glen Ellyn has been the absolute best location for my business. Things really took off while I was involved in the Glen Ellyn Newcomers Club. I designed the newsletter (when it was still being printed!) and reworked the branding, so my name started getting around. This was when my work took a turn towards special occasions, as people would ask me to design their party invitations or birth announcements. Since then, I’ve had to do very little marketing, as Glen Ellyn word-of-mouth has provided plenty of new clients.





What services does Erin German Design offer?

The majority of my work revolves around special occasions (holidays, showers, weddings, events, and milestones). I have recently started collaborating with Diana Laufenberg of Celebrate in Style, and we have so much fun working together and sharing the excitement of special events with our clients. Our latest passion is “branding” an event. I design a logo, and we utilize that logo to create a cohesive look throughout all of the components of the event, such as invitations, signage/ chalkboards, menus, place cards, etc. The end result is an unforgettably styled event!





What services are you most known for?

A service I am probably most known for is custom holiday (Christmas) card design. Clients will send me their photos and any design direction they may have, and I provide two or three designs for them to choose from. I also provide the printing of the cards. The end result is their own unique design that doesn’t have a chance of being duplicated as often happens when using an online template.







What other services do you offer?

Another component of my business that I’m passionate about is branding for local businesses, which includes logos, business cards, marketing/ advertising materials, packaging, signage, etc. Many of my clients are women starting new businesses after their children have grown. I get incredible gratification out of helping these women achieve their dreams.


You can follow Erin German at

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